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India Business Setup

India provides a great business opportunity to NRIs and FIIs, there is a huge consumer base in India and everyone wants to do business in India. India also ranks very low in terms of ease of doing business, since there are various laws and regulations to be complied with. There are various benefits available if one set up manufacturing facility in particular part of India, so decision needs to be made with regards to setup of registered office and manufacturing facility. FDI policy determines how much a person from outside India can invest in India; there is a need to find local partners in some cases. The person coming from outside India needs to make a decision depending on the nature of business and whether the business is to be done as a Indian entity or a foreign entity as a; (1) Liaison office or (2) Project office or (3) Branch office. The excise/ custom and Income tax benefits are available to certain businesses and certain locations.

Our Services includes:

  • Advise on entry strategy with proper structuring for business setup in India.
  • SEBI registration for FIIs either as main account or sub account.
  • Creation of entity with various registrations and approvals.
  • Compliance with RBI and FEMA regulations.
  • Ongoing compliance with Laws and Accounting, Payroll and Tax Services.
  • Advise of Exit Strategy.